Have you heard of a Customer or Business Avatar before? Every business should have a minimum one if not a few.  An avatar can help ensure you are attracting the right kind of client for your business. We are going to go over the what, why and how.

What is a Client/Business Avatar?

An avatar is a fictitious customer profile that details the ideal client for you and your business. You can have more than one to ensure you are speaking to all the segments of your business. Be careful though too many can be detrimental to the exercise. You need to be able to maximize your exposure to your ideal client, figure out how to advertise to them effectively, know how to speak to them (tone, language), what is your story and what value does it have to your client.

Why should your business have an Avatar(s)?

Avatars are the center of all your marketing or should be at least. They allow you to drive targeted marketing that speaks directly to your ideal client. It allows you to strategically think when writing everything from lead magnets to social media posts from blog posts to Facebook ads. You can write all the content to speak to your ideal client or clients.

Having an avatar that defines the type of client you do not want to work with or attract is also a good idea. Why? It will help you to choose who to work with and make sure you are not wasting valuable time and money attracting anyone and everyone to your business. We all want clients but some, I think we can agree, are more work than they are worth.

Quality over quantity!

How do I create an Avatar?

There are lots of free downloadable worksheets online you can use. Some are better than others, and some will work better for you than others. It is a personal choice for sure. Here are the main points to cover, be as specific as possible (example for age don’t put 26-36 you want an exact age like 34):




Marital Status:

#/Age of Children:



Job Title:

Annual Income:

Level of Education:





Pain Points:

Possible Objections:

Role in the Buying Process:

Decision-Making Factors:

Business Objectives:

Best Way to Communicate:

Once you have filled out your Avatar write a story as that avatar and see what comes of it. You might be surprised at what you see. Be sure to add a photo to this fictitious person that fits their personality so you can remind yourself and others who your business would like to attract (or not attract can sometimes be just as important). Have fun creating it really does make it so much easier.

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