Marketing is a vital aspect of succeeding as a REALTOR®️. It’s how you get in touch with potential clients and stay in the minds of those you’ve already worked with. In today’s digital world, there are many marketing techniques and tools to choose from. While it can be overwhelming at first, knowing how to use each to your advantage is the best way to build your business for success now and in the future.


An Engaging Website


Almost every professional needs a good website, regardless of their chosen field. Many look to websites and online presences to determine if someone is trustworthy. You can use a templated website like Web4Realty, MCS, or Agent Locator.


If you want to truly stand out, you’ll go with a custom website build. Custom websites give you more freedom to play with the design, layout, and how you want to be perceived visually by potential clients.


Social Media Tools


Having social media and posting regularly is not always enough. To use it for your business, you should get acquainted with social media tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, or Later. These tools allow you to see in real-time how effective your social media marketing efforts are as well as allow you to schedule out batches of content so that you can continue doing what works for you and change things up if need be.


Graphic Design Tools


Graphic design tools are crucial when building a brand. They allow you to turn out visually appealing content to draw a crowd. Tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, and Unsplash are great places to start. While the Adobe Creative Suite may require a bit more know-how, there are many online courses to learn how to use it, and your brand will benefit from well-designed visual content. If you are not the creative sort then be sure to outsource your design to a pro.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


CRM tools allow you to keep track of communication between yourself and your business contacts. By utilizing the best CRM tools, such as IXACT Contact, KV Core, and Top Producer, you can increase leads while expanding your reach. The best part is that all the data will be saved in one handy place.


You won’t have to keep a file of current clients separate from possible leads because everything will be stored in your CRM. CRM tools also help with marketing by recording any issues people may have had, managing your campaigns, and identifying new opportunities.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is another digital way to reach your current and potential clients regularly. Using emails as a marketing device allow you to share your expertise and keep your name at the top of everyone’s mind for when they or someone they know is looking to buy or sell. Tools that can be useful for email marketing include Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Flodesk. Each has pros and cons, but using the tool will help build your brand and ensure success.


If you have a marketing strategy that’s not quite working for you or want to get involved in the other marketing tools but don’t know how, contact us! We can get your marketing sorted so that they continue to work hard for you.