So here we are! About Moi. Where to start. I am an artist, designer, lover of the outdoors, gardener, wife, and mother. I am a people person who loves to help make life easier. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and successful business people. I would not be where I am today without the love and support of my husband and beautiful family.

I started as a front desk administrator in 1996 at my father’s Real Estate office answering phones, typing offers, booking appointments and greeting people.  I quickly learned that I loved to help people. Through my high school years, I continued to work at various Brokerages and decided when I started University that I would become an Independent Contractor and go into business for myself. I began as a personal assistant for one Agent and quickly grew to over 10. Once I graduated from OCAD University with my Design Degree I worked in real estate software sales and support before I began a new and very exciting career working with one of our country’s top commercial real estate teams as a Senior Marketing Coordinator for the National Investment Team at CBRE Limited. 

A speaker and a trainer I love to share with others anything I can to help them be successful in their business. I am a result-oriented, organized and driven business owner that prides herself on treating her client’s companies and customers as though they were her own. I love to make you and your business look good and stay consistent in your marketing.

Whether it’s designing that fancy new marketing piece, helping you brand your dream, sitting with you and developing strategies, or managing your social media you can call on us. You sell real estate, we create.