With a new year ahead, it may be time to up your game in the real estate industry by discovering and implementing new ways to market your business to potential clients. While you may already have a solid digital marketing strategy, the landscape has changed.

With the rise of new digital options, those shifts in how you can market yourself come faster than ever. To avoid getting left behind when it comes to making digital marketing work for you, it’s essential to know which strategies reign supreme for the upcoming year.

Tried-and-True Video Marketing

Using video to entice people into working with you isn’t a new tactic, but you may need to upgrade how you go about it to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your digital marketing.

You can use video to showcase properties, live-stream open houses, and offer potential buyers the chance to experience the property without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Get to Know SEO

Search engine optimization is a great tool to improve how you market yourself digitally. Most people, especially the younger generations, grew up online. Because of that, how they shop for things, including properties, is typically exclusive to the online world. If you want to make a splash in your digital marketing, optimizing your website to improve where you rank on Google is a great place to start.

You should also pay attention to your content. You want high-quality and informative content that’s directly related to the things your clients want to know about, such as local markets and buying or selling tips. Ensuring your website runs smoothly when it’s visited on a mobile device is also vital, as many people use their mobile devices to search for things they need, including homes.

Using AI to Your Advantage

Artificial intelligence is the up-and-comer everyone’s talking about. It can shake up every industry out there, including the real estate market. Utilizing AI to your advantage can help you personalize your marketing toward current and potential clients. You can use it to learn everything there is to know about an individual or a small demographic of potential clients and target your advertising efforts utilizing the information gathered by AI.

Consider Collaborations

You don’t have to go it alone when establishing marketing efforts. You should probably get acquainted with collaborating with others to ensure that your marketing efforts accomplish what they’re meant to do: get more clients. You can partner with home décor influencers on social media or other local experts to create an authentic and trustworthy personal brand for your real estate business.

Staying Local

While widespread reach is essential, you don’t want to forget about the local area, as these people are the most likely to enlist your services when buying or selling. That’s why focusing some of your digital efforts on the community is vital. To stay local, try to put out material that concentrates solely on the lifestyle, amenities, and neighbourhood culture of smaller areas to garner more interest from people on a local scale.

If you are looking for ways to enhance your digital marketing efforts, book a strategy session with us today! We can help you look into your options and choose the best ones.