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Having been in the real estate industry for over 24 years, we can tell you that REALTORS® should be viewing marketing agencies as a business partner and not an employee. A great agency wears many hats and can ensure that you get back to your income-producing activities with the rest of the marketing and design in good hands. You didn’t get your license to sit at a desk all day, so hiring a marketing agency to take care of tasks that don’t directly generate income can help you save money in the long run.  

Marketing agencies work remotely for the most part and they are efficient and experienced in what they do. This saves you time and money at the same time as driving business and sales. Marketing agencies with real estate experience will also be well versed in your area’s real estate laws, ethics, and regulations, leaving any guesswork out of the equation regarding what is legal and what isn’t. 

An agency can handle a wide variety of different tasks. They include: 

Online presence. This can be anything from social media management and content creation to website design and maintenance. The parts of your business that live online could benefit significantly from having an experienced marketing consultant at the helm. 

Listing management. The listing process can present many different steps, including getting all the advertising set up and out on time. All these tasks can be handled with care by someone other than you so that you can put more face-time in with clients who are trusting you to help them sell or purchase a home. 

Marketing management. The amount of marketing that a REALTOR® uses is a personal business choice. REALTORS® often market themselves inadequately, usually because of lack of time, skill, or understanding. Marketing agencies can ensure that you are always putting your best foot forward in the market. You are well represented and received by developing marketing materials that are on-brand and engaging. 

A dedicated real estate marketing agency will become your partner in all the business that you do. They will be contracted but will operate with your best interests at heart. Your marketing agency should always treat your clients as though they were their own. Both your reputations are on the line, after all. They will be an invaluable tool in your arsenal when building and maintaining your real estate business. 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us today for more information on how to partner your business with an agency and learn all the benefits it offers you. We are your one-stop for all your real estate marketing and design needs. Feel confident and look good doing it!

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