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Marketing is a huge factor in how profitable a business becomes. After all, reaching future clients and customers can be difficult without it. Word of mouth is still a handy tool in marketing. However, new trends in the area will reign supreme as we enter into 2021.

Digital Marketing/Online Marketing

In the technological age, digital marketing is a lucrative business all its own. There are several different subtypes of digital marketing, each with its own set of pros and cons.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Using search engine optimization(SEO) and pay-per-click strategies (PPC) to drive traffic to your website.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM). Using social media to appeal to users through the use of social media posts and content.  
  • Content Marketing. The creation of valuable content(blogs, vlogs etc.) to give customers a better B2C experience.
  • Email Marketing. Direct marketing that sends information to a list of selected clients.
  • Influencer Affiliate Marketing. Using people with a strong influence to sell products or services to their followers/fans/subscribers.
  • Viral Marketing. Creating content to go ‘viral’ helps spread the company’s message to as many people as possible.
  • Television/Radio Advertising. The use of paid commercial time slots to advertise a product or service to viewers.

Old school Marketing

Although digital marketing has taken over the landscape, especially in the post-COVID times when getting out of the house isn’t on everyone’s agenda, old school marketing tactics can still benefit companies. Print marketing is always useful when used properly, although it isn’t going to be a large contender for 2021 marketing trends.

The hot new trends in marketing for 2021

Digital marketing will be the queen of all marketing tactics in 2021, but different sectors will take up more advertising space than others.

Social Media marketing efforts

Social media will be at the top of the list for marketing tactics next year, and businesses have been hyper-focused on customer loyalty and retention since the pandemic began. Customer loyalty and retention has led to the strong push of social media marketing that allows businesses to connect with their current customers on a deeper level.

Google Listings and SEO

Keeping listings up to date and ensuring that your business is near the top of the Google search list will be a huge trend in 2021, especially for local and small businesses. Many people are looking towards buying local to help support their communities after the economic fall caused by COVID-19, and to be at the top of the list; a business must stay current.

Customer communicatioN 

One huge trend that we’ll see next year is communication with customers and product availability. With the shortage of many items this year, customers are ready to jump ship if their particular product is available elsewhere.

Automated Google Bidding

Automation on Google bids isn’t a new thing, but it will be a big trend in 2021 because it saw vast improvements in its functions last year.

Voice search capabilities

Google can sometimes bring up different results from the same search depending on whether it was done through text or voice, and companies able to appear through voice search will benefit in 2021.  

Interactive content

Consumers want to be able to engage with a brand. Enter 2021’s trend of interactive content marketing. Allowing future clients to be a part of the brand will be a big plus next year. 

The 2021 marketing trends will be in the digital space, likely due to the surge of digitalization required to deal with the current viral pandemic across the world. These trends will see companies making the switch to different marketing tactics to keep up with the times. If you want more information about how you can get ahead of the marketing game, you can contact us, and we can discuss how to pivot your marketing efforts in 2021!

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