As a business owner, you likely know that you couldn’t get by without specific holy grail programs to keep things organized. Think QuickBooks, for example. Many business owners utilize this program to keep all their accounting safely tucked into one neat place. Other programs, some of which you may never have heard of, work just as well as QuickBooks but for different aspects of the business.




If you have a team of employees or contract workers to whom you delegate tasks, Asana is a great program to use. The platform manages all assignments in real-time, allowing you to assign, track, and manage the work that’s being done by each person you have on the payroll. It is excellent for keeping track of everything going on but can also help streamline communication between yourself and those you have delegated tasks to in one easy-to-use place.  




Everything requires a password these days, and with the rise of hackers and lackluster internet security, those passwords aren’t always easy to remember. LastPass can change how you securely manage your passwords so that you never get locked out of an account after too many attempts while trying to remember that unbreakable password you came up with. That isn’t all LastPass can be used for, though. The secure platform can also manage your customer or client’s account access. Your passwords will be safe, and your client’s accounts will be secure with LastPass.




Anyone using email marketing should be well versed in Flodesk, the platform that gives you creative freedom when designing on-brand emails that you’ll send to your client or customer list. The program also allows you to create subscription forms and checkout pages for your customers that are simple and beautiful and provide a “consistent experience” for your clientele. Flodesk steps up your email game in an authentic way. Get 50% off your first year here!




For anyone that uses social media as a way to attract new business, Canva is a great tool to get acquainted with. The platform allows you to create meticulously designed social media posts that will grab your audience’s attention while allowing you the creative freedom to stay on brand. When using any sort of imagery to get your message across, Canva can be your very best friend.




Have you ever received an email from a colleague and been impressed by their beautifully designed and professional-looking signature? If so, you may have already seen the power of MySignature, an online email signature generator. MySignature allows you to mesh your creative and professional sides into one curated email signoff. While the email signature may not seem all that important, it is directly related to how others see you as a professional in your field.


Each program mentioned above offers a new and exciting way to step up your business game. Having trouble choosing which one is best for you? Contact us today! We can help you pinpoint which programs work best for your bottom line and how to use them.


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