Your website says a lot about your business. Have you ever visited a website that took forever to load or had tons of broken links? If so, you understand the frustration that comes with that. That is why it’s essential to maintain your website regularly—at least once per month. 


Monthly maintenance on your website ensures that there are no problems that need to be fixed, or if there are issues, they are quickly rectified. A few aspects of your website should be checked during your monthly website maintenance.


Security Checks 


Spam and malware on your site can lead to cybercriminal activity. That is the last thing you want. When checking your website, you want to ensure that you perform a security check during every maintenance session.


Check for Broken Links 


Broken links are like red flags for users. If someone clicks through your website and continues to get error messages or the links don’t go anywhere, they’re going to move on fast. While it may not seem like a huge problem, it can be when it comes to keeping people engaged with your site.


Update Plugins 


Plugins add features and functionality to your site. When you add a plugin, it’s because you want the flow of your site to run smoother and the look of it to be unique to you and your brand. If any plugins are out of date or simply not working, it can severely mess with the user experience. Updating plugins ensures that the website’s flow and features continue to wow potential clients or customers each time they visit your site.


Evaluate Speed 


There’s no getting around the fact that people prefer fast websites over the alternative, especially in today’s day and age, where everything is at your fingertips 24/7. Your website’s speed also influences how you will stick out amongst the competition.


For example, if you and a rival company sell the same service, but your site takes forever to load, potential customers or clients will jump ship simply because they don’t want to wait. Making sure your speed is up to par will keep users engaged in your content and brand.


Review Analytics 


Analytics tell you how people interact with your website. You want to keep track of this for several reasons, such as to see where you could be improving. Reviewing your analytics every month allows you to make the necessary changes quickly to stay on top of your site’s customer interactions and experiences. 


Ensure Back Ups Are Running Optimally 


Technology isn’t always the most reliable, so a backup is vital. What’s more critical, though, is that your backup runs at its best. If anything happens, you’ll know that you’ve taken the time to ensure it runs properly, and you won’t lose any vital data if things go south and your website breaks down.

Do you want to implement monthly web maintenance for your website but don’t know how? Contact us today! We can help you ensure that your website and monthly checks are where they need to be for optimal business performance.


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