Instagram has become a powerful hub for brands and businesses. What started as a simple photo-sharing platform has become much more than a place to keep up with your friends by using only visuals.


Today, businesses can use the social media platform to gain followers, grow their business, and connect to their target audience by sharing relevant, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing content.


It’s not enough, however, to share good photos that are on brand. You need to be able to use the hashtags built into the platform to reach a wider audience. But how do you know when and how to tag for the best possible exposure?


Less is More


You may think that using more hashtags will get eyes on your content, but fewer can go a long way. Using three to ten hashtags on one post is much better than the allotted 30. You want to be strategic in choosing which ones to use as well. Pick relevant hashtags that are in your niche.


And Sometimes None is Enough


Hashtags are good for getting involved in a larger conversation on Instagram and thus being seen by those keeping tabs on specific things. That said, you don’t need hashtags to encourage engagement. Try using none on every other post and check your analytics. You may be surprised.


Keep it Fresh


The more often you use one hashtag, the less effective it will be at growing your audience. That is why you want to switch them up, even if you’re business stays the same. If you use the same three to ten hashtags in every post, you’re doing yourself a disservice.


Switch Up Your Location


Location tags can be just as effective as hashtags at growing your audience because people like to keep track of specific areas. The problem is that repeatedly using the same location tag can lead to stagnancy regarding effective location sharing. If you switch it up now and then, you can reach a whole new audience.


Always Reply to Comments


The number of comments you receive on your posts will vary depending on the size of your following, your overall reach, and your level of engagement. But how many of those snippets should you reply to? All of them.


It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 1000 comments. Taking the time to open a dialogue with your audience gives the impression that you care, are responsive to clients or customers, and are readily available to help them with whatever they need.


Engage Your Followers with Comments on Your Posts


Replying to all your comments is a great start, but you also want to ensure that what you say is meaningful. You must be thoughtful in your approach to client or customer feedback on your posts and respond accordingly. Doing so will open the door to even more engagement, which helps build trust with your audience.


If you’re looking for ways to maximize your business using Instagram hacks, you’ve come to the right place! Book a strategy session with us today to learn how to grow your business using these and more social media tips.