In the digital age, many people forget how effective physical marketing can be. Direct mailers are the way to go when you’re looking to stay in contact with your previous clients in a way that stands out from the bombardment of emails they likely already get from businesses. You can use many types depending on what you want to accomplish.


Homeowner Tip Postcard


For people who own their homes, sending out tips for navigating home ownership can go a long way. You’re providing much-needed information they may not even know they need while putting yourself on their radar should they ever need REALTOR®️ services.


Handwritten Thank you Note


Writing out a thank you after doing business with someone adds a personal touch that no email could ever accomplish. After you receive a referral or sale, send a thank you and watch how many more referrals or seller leads you receive.


Holiday Cards or Invites


New buyers and sellers appreciate personable real estate agents. Why not send holiday cards or invites to establish a stronger relationship? This shows them that you’re thinking of them and value their business, even during busy holidays.


Farming Postcard


Sending out farming postcards can help keep your name and contact information in the minds and hands of potential buyers or sellers. You can set them up to be sent quarterly or monthly, depending on how often you want to reach potential clients.


Birthday or Home Anniversaries


Staying in touch with your clients following the sale or purchase of their homes is a great way to build client loyalty. To do so with direct mailers, you can keep track of the anniversary of when they bought or sold with you or even their birthday. These act as a little reminder of your time together.


Referral Request Postcards


People are buying and selling homes constantly. It’s a lucrative business. That is why using referral requests can go such a long way. Send these postcards to your past clients so that you’re at the top of their minds when someone they know is looking for a REALTOR®️.


Q & A Postcards


People will always need market advice. Why not give them the answers they haven’t asked before they need to inquire? You can answer whether it’s an excellent time to buy or sell. You’d be surprised how many people on the fence may pick to go ahead with your services.


Home Evaluation Postcards


One direct mailer that can work wonders is the home evaluation. It offers homeowners a free assessment in the current market. You can send these at the beginning of spring and again when the busy season ends.


About You Postcards


Getting your name out into the community you choose to focus on can take a lot of work. Why not send an About Me postcard? Doing so gives homeowners or prospective buyers a chance to get to know you without pressure. This type of mailer can grow leads and should be sent yearly or if you move to a new area.


Just Sold Postcards


Homeowners are always curious to see what houses sell for in their area. Because of that, why not send out just sold postcards? They can give prospective sellers an idea of how much their home might be worth in the current market and generate seller leads. You should send one every time you sell a new home.


Direct mailers go a long way in generating leads and keeping you in touch with previous clients. Want to start using direct mail to increase your client list but don’t know where to start? Book a strategy session with us today!