Open houses are a great way to get a lot of potential buyers in the door to see the property you have to offer. It also provides you with a block of time to make as many contacts as possible. When planning your open house, though, you’ll need to consider a few things when wanting to get leads.


Using QR Codes to Your Advantage


QR codes are great for checking in because they’re quick, easy, and completely digital. In the electronic age, using QR codes is a seamless way to get people in the door and ready to explore the property. However, you can also use them to give potential buyers access to all the information they need in the palm of their hand.


Using Specific Branded Materials


Branded materials help get your name out. But if you’re not the listing agent, it’s imperative to personalize what you use to stand out and be remembered long after potential buyers have left the open house.


Branded materials can also be creative, so think outside the box. Water bottles, note pads, and a custom doormat can all go a long way when spreading brand awareness during an open house. If you need inspiration, Pinterest is a great source.


Provide Treats or Gifts


Potential buyers want to feel valued. When hosting an open house, offer snacks, treats, or gifts to those who stop by and peruse the property. The open house property—and you—will be more memorable by offering people a little something to take with them. This can help build more meaningful connections with potential buyers. 


Prepare a Script for Networking


If people come to the open house but are not yet represented by another REALTOR®️, you should be prepared to wow them with a script of your own design. That way, you can give them your best when trying to engage in a way that provides you with information you can use to build a strong rapport.


Invite the Neighbours to the Open House


The neighbours will always be interested in what happens inside an open house. It’s a natural curiosity that people have. They want to know what the place looks like inside, how it’s set up, and the cost compared to other houses in the neighbourhood, such as their own.


If you want more people in the door, invite the neighbours to stop by. Even if they’re not in the market to buy, they may know people who are, and word of mouth can spread like wildfire regarding a suitable property.


Ask for Help


No person is an island; if you’re putting together an open house, it might be a good time to ask someone to help. That way, if things get busy, you can continue to give people a tour of the home while someone else helps more people check in.  


Don’t Skip the Follow-Up


Once all has been said and done and you’ve garnered your leads, it’s time to put your energy into the follow-up. That way, you can strike while the iron is hot and take advantage of the leads you receive for future business partnership opportunities.  


If you’re planning an open house and don’t know how to optimize it, contact us today! We can help you with everything to ensure that the time you spend on putting it together won’t be in vain.