People know that giving over their email addresses leaves them vulnerable to a barrage of unrelated content they want nothing to do with. That’s why, in today’s day and age, people are particular about who they give their email to. Protecting their inbox is at the top of everyone’s list, so when they give it to you and your business, you want to ensure that your email marketing is done as best as possible. That way, your efforts will not go undervalued.

One of the best things about having an email list and using it to market your services is choosing which content goes out and when. This process gets even easier when you use an automated email marketing program. You can set it and forget it while delivering high-quality content to your current and potential clients.

What is Automated Email Marketing?

Automated email marketing is using your email list to market yourself without having to sit at the computer at all hours of the day, ensuring each piece of content is sent at a specific time. It frees up energy you can put into other aspects of your business while still giving you the rewards of email marketing.

Why is Automated Email Marketing Important?

It’s essential to use the email marketing method because you want to nurture your list of clients in a way that provides leads for you and great content for them on a timeline that works for everyone.

You can automate many types of emails, such as onboarding, newsletters, marketing materials, reminders, anniversaries and thank you’s, confirmations, and appointments. By setting up automated emails, you can foster connections with clients in a way that doesn’t take up too much of your time.

Choosing a Service Provider

Several providers are available when you want to start using automated email marketing. Several that we recommend include:

These providers allow you to automate your email marketing in a specific way that suits your business needs, client relationships, and end goals.

Dos and Don’ts

There are some faux pas associated with automated email marketing that you’ll want to avoid and some high-level tips that can change how your email marketing works for you.

First, you want to avoid purchasing email lists. Why? Because chances are, if someone ends up on your list without having signed up themselves, they will delete the email without opening it until their mailbox gets the hint and sends it to junk automatically. You want to get your list in a way that is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP).

Now, when you do develop a list without going against regulations, you’ll want to break it up. Buyers, sellers, past clients, and potential clients may not be interested in the same content, so putting them each into their own segments and sending appropriate content is a great way to stay personalized while automating your email marketing.

Other dos include:

  • Using a catchy subject line that calls for clients to open the email
  • Keep your call to action above the fold so that it’s easier to find
  • Go through and clean out your list regularly so that you aren’t wasting your efforts on old and unused emails or clients that no longer need or want your services
  • Stay on brand and ensure that every message you send is in line with your voice and values

Automated email marketing isn’t always easy to start. If you’re interested in getting the low down on how this marketing tool can work for you, contact us today! We can walk you through the entire process and more so that every email you send has a distinct and actionable purpose.