Gone are the days when the Internet was a place people visited occasionally. In today’s digitally driven world, being online 24/7 is commonplace. Billions of people use social media actively for everything, from sharing their wins to purchasing homes.

Because of its widespread use, social media has become more than a place to gather with friends. It could very well be a business’s best friend if you know how to use it to your advantage, that is. When getting into social media marketing for real estate, you’ll want to know exactly how to use it so that it works for you.
What is Social Media Marketing?

In a nutshell, social media marketing uses social media platforms to help grow your audience and build your brand. People often use social media to connect with brands they love, so when you’re working in real estate, it’s an easy way to improve your reach and gain more clients.

Facebook is the leader for those looking to buy or sell homes. When using Facebook to market your business, you’ll want to use it correctly. That means adding a personalized touch to your marketing by sharing the stories of clients rather than the success of a sale.

You want to paint a picture of a good experience for those who have worked with you, and using personal success stories with clients can help you do that on Facebook. It helps create a community around you that you can draw on to increase your client list.

Instagram is highly visual, so use that to your advantage. You can create reels of how-to’s for potential clients, sneak peeks for virtual tours, and share your expertise with the masses about market changes and community information. By creating engaging reels, you can grab the attention of those who may be looking to buy or sell in the near future.

LinkedIn is the suit and tie of social media platforms. Typically, the site is designed to connect professionals with other professionals. When marketing for your business, LinkedIn can be great because of one simple factor: users are likely to have a higher net worth and, thus, are more likely to need higher-end properties.

Users also have higher expectations on LinkedIn, so it’s the place for you to share higher-quality content, such as infographics on the market, statistics, articles, and other informative pieces that showcase your knowledge of real estate.

TikTok is the king of video content, and with over a billion monthly users, it’s no wonder why. When using TikTok for your marketing, it’s important to remember what people on the platform are into. They want fun, cute, or otherwise informative content that changes how they experience the world around them.

This social media site lets you take all your creative video content ideas and let them soar. It’s also way easier to go “viral” on TikTok because of how the algorithm works to get your brand in front of more eyes.

X (formerly Twitter) and Threads are basically mirrors of one another, and the apps generally work the same way. Content, including links to other sites, videos, images, or your thoughts, can be shared on X or Threads. To use these sites to your advantage, you’ll want to establish a good community first. It’s a great way to engage with more local audiences, create sneak peeks at what’s to come, link to your other content on other social sites, and conduct market research with real people.

Whether you are a social media pro or just getting started, choosing the right platforms for your business is critical. If you want to hit the ground running, contact us today for a strategy session! We can help you ace social media marketing and grow your business.