Your marketing strategy is vital to overall success. While word-of-mouth still has its place in the world of real estate, if you don’t take advantage of all the content marketing tools available to you, you’re missing out on a lucrative and effective way to connect to your community in a way that translates into leads and new clients.

If you want to create engaging content for your audience, focusing on the most important aspects is vital.   

Get to Know Your Target Audience

Before creating any Instagram videos or writing a blog showcasing your expertise, you must first understand your target audience. Those who fall into this category are the ones for whom you’re creating content, so it should be personalized to them as much as possible. You want to iron out your audience’s demographics, preferences, and specific needs so that you can create content that speaks to them, whether they’re buying their first house or looking to add a property to their investment portfolio.

Keyword Research is Your Best Friend

Keywords are king when optimizing your content and getting organic traffic. To ensure that you’re using the right ones in your content, you’ll have to use keyword research to your advantage. Google Keyword Planner and other keyword searches are excellent tools to help you find relevant keywords with the highest search volume and learn how to use them in your pieces. For example, keywords can be sprinkled throughout a blog post to help your content rank higher in search engines.

Play Around with Content Formats

There are many ways to create content, from videos and photos to podcasts and written blogs. Instead of focusing on one, choose a few you can manage and use them to provide valuable and informative content. Write blogs that offer information on market changes and use videos to showcase new properties. When you diversify your content, you can get more creative in showing the world your real estate prowess.

Stick to What You Know

You’re an expert in the field, and you want to be able to showcase that while connecting to those in your audience. To do that, you should focus your content on what you know. While it’s tempting to jump on the bandwagon of specific trends, doing a hot topic poorly is much worse for your marketing than sticking to classic and timeless content that has more staying power. Use what you know to your advantage, and your content will read as expert material.

Encourage Engagement Through Consistency

Good content is nothing without engagement, so it’s essential that you focus your efforts on the mediums that get you the most interaction. To ensure high levels of engagement, you have to be consistent with your posting to build brand loyalty and respond quickly and consistently to any comments coming your way.

Know What Content to Push

With so many options for content, you want to focus heavily on the ones that get the most traction. Things like polls and quizzes are great ways to open the lines of communication, tips, and market advice, which provide readers with unique insights into your expertise. The aesthetic posts of property listings will engage people who are more visual. It’s all about tapping into your audience in unique ways that include everyone’s favourite way to digest content.

If you want to up your content creation game but don’t know where to start, contact us today!